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Black Girls in Tech was founded with the purpose of becoming a community for black women. It was created to be a safe space where black women can come together, encourage/motivate one another, and help each other on their journey.

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Our Goals

Our aim is to provide a community, resources, and opportunities to black women in tech and those who want to get into tech. We have a whole team of women dedicated to making this happen.

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Black Girls in Tech x Stripe

Black Girls In Tech is partnering with Stripe to host " Securing Your Next Job In Tech" . Participants will learn from black women who work at Stripe about their journey into tech as well as advice on how to navigate the tech industry as a beginner / landing a role at Stripe  . You will get the opportunity to speak with hiring managers/recruiters at Stripe via CV/Recruiting Clinics during the event.

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Black Girls in Tech : Mentorship Programme

The Black Girls In Tech Mentoring Program is intended to associate black women at all phases of their journey with a mentor, offering encouragement and direction, to help mentees understand their untapped capacity and accomplish individual and expert objectives. Overall, our goal is to support them in manoeuvring within their field.

Mentees will be matched with mentors dependent on various factors including, area, industry, and skills these will be discovered during the process of enrolment.

Mentor and mentee applications now CLOSED!

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Our aim is to provide a community, resources, and opportunities for black women in tech and those that want to get into tech.

Resources & Opportunities -  Take a look at our wonderful resources and opportunities available.

Get into Tech -  If you’re looking to get into tech? Let us help you get started on your exciting journey. Feel free to contact us and one of our team members will get back to you.

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Black Girls in Tech :
Recruitment Agency

Black Girls in Tech have launched a recruitment drive under our BGIT Recruitment Agency to help you land your next job. Simply apply via the form and upload your most up to date CV to be added to our recruitment pool. If we find an opening that matches your profile you will be contacted about next steps/potential interviews with our partner companies.

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UI/UX Workshop

Black Girls In Tech are hosting a UI/UX CV , Interview and Portfolio Workshop for those looking to get into the UI/UX space. The session will be hosted by Jayde-Olivia.

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Black Girls in Tech: Nigeria

Meet our Black Girls In Tech : Nigeria team who are dedicated to carry out our mission of making technology more accessible to black women in Nigeria by providing resources , education and opportunities. We hosted over 250 young women in our "Tap Into Tech" Conference in lagos, Nigeria in August.

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What do our members say?

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I'm so glad to be a member!

BGIT is an amazing community which has put me in touch with so many like minded young women in the tech industry. Since joining last year and sharing experiences with other members - I gained more confidence in my skills which led to me landing a new front-end role with a salary that better reflected my skills, as well as the courage to share more of my work and branch out into freelancing on the side. I was also recently lucky enough to have placed as runner up in a BGiT competition to win a place on a UI/UX course, which I’m really looking forwards to starting. This community has provided so many great opportunities in such a short time, and I’m excited to see what comes next!

Dominique Seyi
Front-End Developer

Amazing Support!

Black Girls in Tech has been amazing at helping me break into the tech space. When I first joined as a member I was welcomed and offered very useful advice and opportunities! I am gratefully for the support I received whilst starting my journey into tech. I hope other women get the same experience with BGIT.

Cloud Engineer

Helped Me Transition!

I want to thank Black Girls in Tech for their mentorship programme , I would not have been able to come this far in my tech journey without them.

Asia Sherrif
Software Developer

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