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Black Girls In Tech Fest

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Karen Emelu
Black Girls In Tech Fest

The Black girls in tech Fest is a networking and recruitment event catered to connecting black talent to reputable companies and networks. The fest focuses on careers within the tech sector and commenced on Saturday, 12th March in London. 

This event attracted a large turnout as our members had the opportunity to network and obtain support from the various companies present. Gaining insight into openings and chatting directly with recruiters and hiring managers.  On entrance, all were gifted with goodie bags and refreshments before dwelling in a room filled with other young women eager to advance in their tech journey. The diversity in the room was truly phenomenal, anyone present could vouch they felt a sense of unity and the energy was high throughout with good vibes and laughs!

Under one roof, we facilitated unparalleled networking and career match-making. Providing companies a catalyst for building a more diverse team as they were able to offer career advice and detailed information about roles available, how to stand out when applying and interviewing for their roles. These companies included: 





Code First Girls


Love Circular


Black Valley 



Black recruiters network

Digital Gurus

Langham Recruitment

Digital Gurus


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