Black Girls In Tech Nigeria - Tap Into Tech

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Black Girls In Tech Nigeria - Tap Into Tech

On the 29th October , we hosted our  ‘Tap into Tech’ conference for the second year running.BGIT Nigeria is an organisation with the goal of providing community and a safe space, while increasing representation for black women in the tech industry by making technology careers more accessible.

With limited access to information and opportunities in tech companies in Africa after upskilling, this marked the continuation of our efforts to ensure that black girls and women in Nigeria are aware of the opportunities available to them and the skills required to begin and continue their journey in an industry that has the potential to transform the trajectory of their lives.

The conference was hosted by Karen Emelu and Naomi Williams as well as a panel with industry experts Grace Emmanuel (Cybersechaven) and Ruth Ikegah (CHAOSS) Habibah A. Waziri (BGR) from the world of Cybersecurity, Product, Engineering, Research and Design as well as an address by Abigail Jefia on behalf of Cisco.

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