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Black Girls X Code Untapped Training & Job Opportunities - GLASGOW

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Black Girls X Code Untapped Training & Job Opportunities - GLASGOW

Black Girls In Tech have partnered with Code Untapped to offer our members an amazing opportunity to get trained , undergo a 12 month paid placement and then landing a job with one of their partner companies for full stack developer role based in GLASGOW.


By the end of the training period , applicants will have conceptual, technological and application knowlege to build end to end web applications using Java and Spring Boot in the server side, PostgreSQL as the database and JavaScript and React in the client side. • They will be given an overview of 2 programming languages – Java and JavaScript and will be able to compare the relative strengths of each of them and know how and when to use each. • They will also have a clarity on testing concepts and microservices architecture






Agile (BDD)


1.The applicant will go through an interview & technical assessment stage in order to progress to the training period.

2.Successful applicants will then go through an initial training academy consisting of around 6-8 weeks where they will learn the fundamentals & skills required.

3.Once initial training period is done applicants will then work onsite, and will be further trained in line with the tech environment to further develop on the skills learnt.

4.The applicants will then receive a permanent job offer.

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