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At Black Girls in Tech we offer a range of benefits for our partners/sponsors such as working closely with the HR team in terms of Diversity & Inclusion, recruitment, brand awareness and networking.

Do you believe we share similar values? We are on the search to connect with Organisations who are equally passionate about diversity and inclusion and ready to put action to back it; then BGiT welcomes you with open arms to support.
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Love Circular

Founded in 2019, Love Circular was born from a desire to create a more level playing field for the underrepresented in tech. Their primary focus is on providing our community with the necessary education to aid personal growth and career development. We manage to achieve this at a fraction of the cost of other course providers. Love Circular are making the digital space more accessible, diverse and inclusive; with their flagship UX/UI Design course training designers from a complete beginner to a junior level in only 97-days

Love Circular's mission is to improve access to opportunity for the underrepresented in efforts to make tomorrow's society more diverse. Their company was founded around the belief of everyone having access to a comprehensive technical education by relatable people, at a fraction of what the market charges.

Black Girls In Tech members , receive 5% off the Love Circular course.


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“Thoughts Do More. Words Do Much. Actions Do Much More.

Imaginact is a not-for-profit Organization taking, empowering, amplifying and inspiring actions for positive change and impact. Imaginact is changing the way people see issues and their solutions.We are a non-sectarian, non-governmental and non-partisan organization advocating for people to do more than imagine solutions to problems but take action(s) to solve them. Imaginact execute actions online and offline that reach the grassroots of communities so as to inspire necessary actions for social change. They take actions that deal with key social issues like gender equality, civic engagement, health and more.


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Reed Technology

Reed TechnologyAt Reed Tech, we believe that when people and organization are enabled with technologies that help them achieve regulatory compliance, manage product data, and gain insights backed by analytics, the potential to positively impact patient outcomes is unlimited.We serve manufacturers and distributors of medical device and drug products, and for those who support them in consulting and IT roles by delivering better outcomes for the collection, transformation, submission and analysis of regulatory data. Our solutions support the innovation ecosystem and enable you to achieve regulatory compliance and improved product data management contributing to impactful innovations to our world.

We also offer a Women In Tech mentorship scheme and have partnered with Black Girls In Tech in relation to the BGIT Mentoring Programme.



Coding Black Females

Coding Black Females was created in 2017. We are a nonprofit organisation, and our primary aim is to provide opportunities for Black female developers to develop themselves, meet familiar faces, network, receive support and build relationships through having regular meetups. We want to meet you if you've been in the industry for 5 minutes, or 10 years, if you work as a freelancer or for a huge corporation.We can learn from and inspire each other, and empower the next generation to achieve success.


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Tech Suite

Tech Suite is a guide set to help those trying to break into the tech industry or are in pursuit of tech related roles. We offer support to make minority students more viable candidates and provide the opportunities they deserve. This initiative is built upon three principles. To Educate, Enhance and Empower. We aspire to educate minority students in a unique way by bringing awareness to the jobs available as well as their respective duties. This will be done by engaging personnel currently working in the specific role, as we believe enhancing your skill sets starts by knowing the skills employers value. We want to encourage people to develop and improve on the essential skills required for their desired careers. As Tech Suite strives to educate and enhance students, we hope that this empowers them to break into technology throughout various industries.


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Frocentric is a non-profit social enterprise with an ambition to improve professional, social and economic trajectories for all people of African origin. We believe in a future where communities across the entire African diaspora are empowered, progressive and self-sufficient and we’re working hard to contribute towards that vision.

Our Mission
To build a network of impactful, connected platforms that empower Black communities and individuals worldwide.

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The Tech Over Foundation

The Techover Foundation are a Global EduTech NGO on a mission to educate, inspire & support the next generation in pursuing and retaining careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) focusing on those from underserved communities.

The Techover Foundation want to make sure that no child is left behind or excluded from quality education and basic amenities whilst focusing on incorporating a more STEM based curriculum, to prepare the next generation for the current and future technological revolution.

The Techover Foundation

The Girl Code

The Girl Code is a registered non-profit organisation which aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech community by inspiring young girls to learn programming by hosting workshops at schools and universities local to them. Through our platform and intuitive curriculum, we plan to give rise to a new generation of female programmers set to take the world by storm.
The Girl Code has impacted over 1600 girls through chapters across India, Singapore and the USA.

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